招生 过程

If you haven’t done so already, a great first step is to come see us! Schedule a tour and discover the unique learning community that is MVS. 只需点击下面的按钮!


的 application process should be started by February (see details below).

申请表 & 家长问卷调查

To start the admission application process, just click 在这里 to create an account in Ravenna, our application platform. You’ll enter background information for your family profile and then move forward with the online application form.

的 application form should be submitted, 加上申请费, by 2月1日. Applications are accepted after 2月1日 and students continue to be admitted into grades in which space remains throughout the spring, 夏天, 在学年期间.

一旦申请表格, 加上申请费, 提交, parents submit a questionnaire in Ravenna about their child.



一旦申请表格 has been submitted, parents delegate recommendation and 索取学校记录表格s through Ravenna to the appropriate people. Applicants to middle and upper schools also submit an 申请人声明. All materials are submitted to MVS through Ravenna and the contents of recommendations are kept strictly confidential.

学术推荐表格 是发给所有老师的推荐信吗. For applicants through grade 5, this form is sent to the applicant’s current classroom teacher. For applicants in grades 6-12, the form is sent to the applicant’s current English and math teachers. Additional academic recommendations are welcome but not required.

school administrator or guidance counselor recommendation form is sent to the applicant’s principal or counselor and that individual is asked to share their impressions of the applicant.

索取学校记录表格 是被送到现在学校的办公室吗, which then submits their records directly to MVS through Ravenna.

个人推荐表格 is sent to someone who knows the applicant in a non-academic setting. This could be a coach, music instructor, family friend, religious leader, etc. Personal recommendations are requested for upper school applicants and are optional for younger students.

申请人声明 invites applicants to the middle and upper schools to describe themselves independently with honesty, 创造力, 和清晰.



Applicants to prekindergarten grades (typically 年龄s 3-4) visit campus in small groups on Saturday morning, 2月24日, 2024.

Applicants to kindergarten visit campus in small groups on Saturday morning, 2月1日0, 2024.

Prekindergarten and kindergarten applicants unable to attend the group visits come to campus individually on a school morning or video chat remotely with EC and admissions staff.

Applicants to grades 1-5 conduct a video chat with the lower school director and admissions staff and may also be invited to visit campus on a school day.

Applicants to grades 6-12 visit MVS individually for a school morning or full day, or video chat remotely with admissions and division staff if an in person visit is not feasible.

Applicants may be asked to eng年龄 with MVS staff for additional assessment in addition to the above steps.


Early childhood school applicants (prekindergarten and kindergarten) should be 3, 4, 或者5岁, 取决于等级, 在八月中旬开学的第一天, and students must be toilet-trained by the first day of school. Applicants with birthdays between mid-August and September 30 will be considered and may be accepted if ready academically, 社会, 在情感上, 和发展.



Admission decisions are issued by the end of March for applicants with completed application files by early March, including all supporting documents and the applicant visit.

Early decisions may be issued for applicants to grades 1-12 who have completed the application process before March, for grades in which space is known to be available.

Later decisions are given as applications are completed.

Decisions include accept, waitpool, and deny.

MVS教育的价值是无价的. 回报是终生的. Our challenging academics and Immersion Method philosophy provide an education that is unparalleled in the Dayton area. 在MVS, 我们主张个人卓越, 从实践经验中学习, 求知欲, 领导力发展, 个性, 和社区.


的 博菜网站大全 does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, 宗教, 性别, 性取向, 国家和民族出身, 年龄, disability or any other characteristic protected by law in the administration of its employment, 招生, 或者教育政策, 学费援助计划, 金融政策, 或者其他管理项目.

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Our campus is an experience you need to see in person. 我们的大门永远敞开. 过来看看我们在做什么.



We strive to make our admissions process pleasant and achievable. 应用 now, and begin the journey toward building a better community through education.