做一个 区别

我们期待我们慷慨的家庭, 校友, 以及社区合作伙伴来帮助我们的博菜网站大全发展, 改进我们的技术, 支持我们的学术和体育项目. Your gifts fund the hiring of talented and experienced teachers while enhancing the signature programs that set MVS apart.

Gifts of any size are significant to 迈阿密山谷学校 because they support its mission, 学生和项目. The following information describes a wide range of giving options that can help you make a gift that will maximize benefits to you and the school. 除了现金, many other assets may be used to fund a gift including appreciated stock, 个人财产, 房地产, 退休计划基金. You may make your gift so that it is used immediately or you may give through other methods, 比如提供收入的终身收入计划, 税务及个人福利.




Please visit our online giving page for an easy and secure way to make donations to 迈阿密山谷学校.



The Annual Fund is 迈阿密山谷学校’s yearly campaign to raise funds in support of the daily operating budget. All independent schools are faced with this same need – to make up the difference between costs and tuition. Contributions help to close this gap that exists between tuition and the actual cost of an MVS education. 年度基金涉及学校的各个方面, 因为它代表了经营预算的重要组成部分 simply put, without the Annual Fund, an MVS education would not the be the same.
Annual Fund contributions make a tremendous and immediate impact on all educational programs, and enable the school to respond to urgent and ongoing operational priorities 包括:
透过年度基金, programs are strengthened and faculty and staff are provided with the tools necessary for students to learn at the highest level both inside and outside of the classrooms. Financial aid is enhanced and more solidly embedded as a core strategic element of our commitment to academic excellence, 创造机会和发展领导力. 
It is our hope and expectation that all members of our community will share this responsibility and choose to support 迈阿密山谷学校 at whatever level they are comfortable.
我们自豪地在过去三年中分享这一成果, 100%的员工和受托人支持年度基金. 你会加入他们吗??